Peeponics Systems

Peeponics - hydroponics without the chemicals, aquaponics without the fish.

It has been almost six years since this video was downloaded. Much as transpired. See more about what we are doing a

Aquaponic Garden Design, Iron and Wood on existing pond

find out more at bioponica dot org Dr David Epstein, D.O., founder of Earth Solutions developed the Farm in a Box aquaponic gardens for homes and schools.

Aquaponics, Peeponics, April 6, 2010- Cabbagetown

More info at Indoor systems were moved outside today. What a treat! In this video I've got 5 Farm in a Box systems set up on the porch.

Pee Pee-ponics experiment results- hydroponics without the chemicals, aquaponics without the fish.

More info at Dr David Epstein, D.O., founder of Algosolar Earth Solutions developed the Farm in a Box aquaponic gardens for homes and ...

Aquatech Depots 100Gal Aquaponics Grow System Organic Produce

This video shows you our smallest patio 100Gal Aquaponics Grow System. These systems are great for producing organic fish and vegatables right on your ...

IBC Aquaponic System - Part 1

IBC or "tote" Aquaponics System. 500L Fish Tank, 3 x 300mm deep grow beds. "Venturi"

Algosolar Farm in a Box Aquaponic Ecosystem - Raft Method Deep Water Culture

More information at This is the original 'Farm in a Box'. It was built as a quick remedy to getting up and running with aquaponics this spring ...

Soil-less sky farming: rooftop hydroponics on NYC restaurant

Chef John Mooney believes so strongly in local food that for his latest restaurant in Manhattan's West Village, most of his produce travels just 60 feet from the ...

Ben's Bioponic System

My first video. A tour of the system I've been developing and experimenting with for the last three years.

Haller's Aquaponics system

Haller's new aquaponics system - designed to showcase an integrated sustainable food production system suitable for urban use in confined spaces such as ...

IBC Earthan Bed Design

Earthan Beds - Paul Van der Werf presented his design several years ago. I believe it was May of 2011. His design differed from previous designs when he used ...

backyard Aquaponics Install video part 3 of 3

This is part three of an instructional video showing how to install one of our aquaponics kit systems.

Epsom Salts in Bioponic System.

Showing the results one week after adding 2 cups Epsom Salts to my 500 gallon Bioponic system.

VERMAPONICS! Is this the Holy Grail of aquaponics?

Hey folks, I've started a company called Bioponica! It's our approach to aquaponics and hydroponics that makes fertilizer entirely by recycling nutrients.

Fertilizing System.

The morning gardeners show, This shows design to inform and educate people .to feed themselves to not be solelydependent on a grocery store chain . I knew it ...

Working on the No Power Aquaponic Garden

So I'm still tinkering around in the greenhouse, trying to avoid working on deconstructing the shed really, and I've started to make some progress on the now ...

How To: Aquaponic Nutrient Guide Nitrogen.

Quick Guide to nitrogen in aquaponics.

Hydroponic garden // Xoodo Pöd (beta)

introducing Xoodo.. an open sourced food growing system. indoor / modular / smart do automated kratky hydroponics in your own home with our plant ...

Aquaponics on Wheels! #1 - How To

Mobile Rubbermaid Aquaponics System. Designed with low maintenance and long life in mind. This particular system doubles as a greenhouse and can be ...

453: Edmund Williams on Aquaponics with Soil.

Merging two gardening systems into one. In This Podcast: What do you get when a civil engineer loves to garden but doesn't want to spend two hours a day in ...


My BTC address: 14Tp6keFTi7YGXZdj1EfajwcZGTVQkkFfm After having success with treating 200ml of urine ...

Aquaponic Barrel System. Fishless Cycling with Urine + 2 Month Update.

Hi Folks. The Aquaponic Barrel system has been running for about 2 months now & I've been using urine as the ammonia source to get the system cycled.

3 in 1 Hybrid Aquaponics System

This video is an update on the aquaponics bed that I've converted from a Deep Water Raft to a hybrid system. Half is a flood and drain with lava rock, the other ...

No Power Aquaponic Setup for Beginners

Have you been wanting to get started with an aquaponic garden but just can spare the power for the pump? Let me show you just how easy it is to get started ...

aquaponic greenhouse

A peek inside our cozy greenhouse on a snowy, Colorado day. Shows our aquaponics setup for tilapia, trout, and koi. More to come when we get all the fish and ...

Ending the Aquaponic Garden Move

Ah, the adventure of moving all of those beautiful goldfish ... well I'll be honest, it didn't end well. Some of you will NOT want to watch the last few minutes of this ...

Organic Garden Set Up Aquaponic Hydroponic Indoor System Explanation

Learn more about setting up your own organic aquaponic hydroponic garden at

Aquaponic Farm in a Box Update Aug 8, 09

Deep water culture racks, using diatomaceous earth for slugs, ecosystem, honey bees using beds as watering hole. Ready to harvest basil Dr David Epstein, ...

Aquaponics at Cooroy in Australia

This system has started in April 2009 and now growing fish and vegetables very successfully.

In My Aquaponic Garden - What is, What was & What is yet to come

There have been some requests to see how my system is built and runs so here we go! I found some older pictures on my hard drive from before the channel ...

IBC Bioponics System - Part 5

Aquaponics system - hasnt quite evolved from a bioponic system yet. The phenomenal growth im witnessing off very little input is something I want to experiment ...

Growroom Update! Aquaponics, Onions, and more!

The growroom is coming alive, and so am I after a long vacation, I actually realized that I may have been gone to long. I am so out of it! forgive me, more amazing ...

My First Aquaponic Garden, The Addiction Starts!!

After all the info I found about aquaponic gardening I had to try it. Here is the overview of my garden. Fish on the bottom, Plants on the top! Try it out! Let me know ...

Aquaponics System Setup Part 6

Water flowing through the system, electrical work done, installing fans, louvers, thermostats and heaters.

Mini (100% Organic Hydroponics) Aquaponic System , Tomatoe plant growing in Bathroom. Hello! i just wanted to show you an example of a tomatoe plant growing indoors in an organic growth system. You can ...

Balkony Tour #1: Bioponics system progress and more

This is the second video of the Balkony Tour series. You can see what I have been harvesting and will be harvesting till the end of 2013 here: ...

Learn How Aquaponics Works! K-12

Meet Fin the Fish and learn about his life inside an aquaponics tank! Each segment of this video gets more advanced for higher grade levels.

simple recirculating aquaponics system

A brief description of a very basic, continuous flow recirculating aquaponics system.

Aquaponics and Greenhouse Update 04-22-2013

Hey everybody! It's getting near the end of April and I thought I would give everybody a quick update on how my little greenhouse is doing! I have plenty of ...

Lush Bioponic/Aquaponic Greenhouse

Bioponic Greenhouse in early May 2012. My greenhouse has really taken off with all my vegetables growing so fast.

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