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Peeterponics- bioponics, peeponics, aquaponics wit

my hydroponics system that uses urine as the sole nutrient, growing in my basement with a high pressure sodium lamp. Growing Stevia, rainbow peppers, ...

The end of peeponics, lowering ph and how the system is going.

Having excellent growth and the system is performing better than i would have hoped for the first 5 months.


Update on November 17, 2012 I'm checking the nutrient levels PH - 6.0 Ammonia - 2ppm Nitrates - 20ppm.

What is Anthroponics & Peeponics and how does it work?

Short description about anthroponics/peeponcs and the underlying processes. Literature review links (unfortunately only have the titles available): Treatment of ...


My BTC address: 14Tp6keFTi7YGXZdj1EfajwcZGTVQkkFfm After having success with treating 200ml of urine ...

Peeponics - hydroponics without the chemicals, aquaponics without the fish.

It has been almost six years since this video was downloaded. Much as transpired. See more about what we are doing a

Indoors Bioponics / Peeponics System

4x4 Ebb & Flow / Flood & Drain using 400 Watt MH, 24 gallon reservoir and coconut coir & perlite mix Instructions are listed here ...

Anthroponics/Peeponics Experiments @ Hemmaodlat (12th November 2017)

A small tour by Henrique Sanchez of two different anthroponic experiments that were running at Hemmaodlat's office in Malmö, Sweden. Re-uploaded with ...

Ben's Bioponic System

My first video. A tour of the system I've been developing and experimenting with for the last three years.

Decoding Gardening Advice by Jeff Gillman and Meleah Maynard

It's gross, but true: urine is a great fertilizer. Just be sure to dilute it and don't use it on your edible crops! Watch this trailer for Jeff Gillman and Meleah Maynard's ...

Fish Powered Garden 2

a garden powered by fish! Fish eat, they poop/have bio-waste, the grow beds, acting as a filter, are laced with a good Bacteria that breaks down the ...

Project Recycles Human Urine as Fertilizer

Fertilizer is made of nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus. Chemical fertilizers require huge amounts of energy to produce. But there are other, natural and ...

Bioponics explained; Nutrients, microbes, square foot yield, viability! pioneers bioponics and the practice of sustainable organic hydroponics. All nutrients derived from liquid extraction and biofiltration. Microbes from ...

What is anthroponics? - Hemmaodlat

A presentation about what anthroponics (pee ponics) is and our experiences using this technique to grow vegetables. Find out more at ...

Hydroponics Using Sterilised Human Urine: A Brief Proof Of concept

The Brief Results of Using Human Urine as an hydroponics nutrient source. Cleaner Rivers Cheaper Food With an upcoming video showing an automated ...

Organic, free, locally derived fertilizer in abundant supply; Peeponics.

earthsolutions bioponica Ginger lillies love water and they're growing well in this aquaponic system as you can see in this 10 gallon Farm in a Box. There are no ...

Indoor Bioponics/Peeponics New System

Just cleaned the system with bleach. System is cycling.

Hydroponics for BBC Breakfast

A roundup of several types of radical hydroponic growing ideas currently being tried out. From urban farms to a new way to tackle horticultural crops.

Aquaponics, Peeponics, April 6, 2010- Cabbagetown

More info at Indoor systems were moved outside today. What a treat! In this video I've got 5 Farm in a Box systems set up on the porch.

Comparing Bioponics to Aquaponics and Hydroponics. What's so good about it?

Bioponica is a developer of systems and processes for improving sustainable farming. Subscribe to us and stay posted on updated ...


Could human urine fertilize food on a commercial scale and close the nutrition cycle? A group of University of Michigan researchers is partnering with the Rich ...

micro peeponics / bioponics setup

Got my drippers today, and made a quick 'n' dirty setup. Also tried to show you how I made the dripper fit into the bottle, 3 times, but my capturing device ...

How to Fertilize Your Hydroponics : Hydroponic Gardening

Subscribe Now: Watch More: Fertilizing your ...

Hydroponics? Aquaponics? Bioponics? Peeponics? Different soilless cultivation methods explained

Image used: Quick recap: Soil Agriculture/Traditional Agriculture/Geoponics: Nutrients are in soil and available to plants via water ...

TUTO #7: Assembly of Bioponic Aerospring Garden

Grow vegetables on 1m2? It is now possible with the Aerospring vertical and bioponic garden. Discover in this video how to mount your own Aerospring in 15 ...

Indoor and Outdoor Organic Gardening Tips : Soil vs. Hydroponic Organic Gardening

Become an organic gardener! Learn all about soil, hydroponics, and organic gardening in this free video covering natural indoor and outdoor gardens.

How To: Aquaponic Nutrient Guide Nitrogen.

Quick Guide to nitrogen in aquaponics.

Garden of urine/ Ethiopia

Ethiopian social scientist Almaz Tereffe and her husband, Swedish engineer Gunder Edstrom, describe the eco-san toilet in their Addis Ababa home, using their ...

Hydroponics Update 3

Update on how the hydroponics project is going. #49 - Top Favourited (Today) - Howto & Style #67 - Top Rated (Today) - Howto & Style .

Aquaponic Barrel System. Fishless Cycling with Urine + 2 Month Update.

Hi Folks. The Aquaponic Barrel system has been running for about 2 months now & I've been using urine as the ammonia source to get the system cycled.

New peeponics setup

Just a first small peek on the new peeponics setup build with home-made taps.

Owen's Garden Tour - June 12, 2011

Owen's Gourds. It is unbelievable how these are growing when mine are not doing well at all..... Great Job Owen!

Urban composting toilet: poo from loo to garden in 1 year

Greywater Guerrilla Laura Allen shows us her a urine-diverting toilet. The urine is used as fertilizer, and the feces is stored in plastic drums to compost. After a ...

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