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Aquaponics / Hydroponics NFT-DWC Vertical Hybrid Build (Part 2) | Punkyponics #4

my aquaponics/ hydroponic nft / dwc hybrid system has gone vertical! built a frame and finished the plumbing but my current pump is not strong enough. so, ...

Aquaponics / Hydroponics NFT-DWC Vertical Hybrid Build (Part 3) | Punkyponics #5

third and final installment of this build series. the outdoor vertical hydroponics system is up and running!

Chilli Farm - Aquaponics & Hydroponics - DIY NFT System Setup

FREE Fact sheet: We believe everyone should have great food. We believe that you can grow your own ...

NFT Failure, Not Again / DIY Hydroponics

Once again I had an NFT failure when I left town. This time I take care of it for good. EBook shows how to grow with non circulating hydroponics: ...

DIY NFT Aquaponic System - Backyard Aquaponics - The Little Suburban Homestead

Here's how I made my NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) system in a day from free stuff online.

Vertical Linear Aquaponics 3.0 -Short

Vertical Linear Aquaponics, is the process of high density food production, utilizing all three planes, Length, Width, and Height....while streamlining planting and ...

DIY Basement Aquaponics Fish (Hydroponics) NFT Update and how to.

This is the newest vid. of my system up and running.

NFT aquaponic update. Water delivery update. DIY hydro kale, lettuce, & spinach.

This is my nft aquaponic system in out back yard. I'll be posting updates weekly or as I get a chance. If you see something that could be different let me know too.

NFT + WTF Aquaponics Tour

Giving a full tour of the NFT aquaponics system. ph related nutrient deficiencies and an update on the WTF (wicking tube flow) experiment. Could you help me ...

aquaponics visit | small scale NFT system

Receive your welcoming gifts now here: 1. The magical 6 STEP process to Build Your Own Aquaponics setup!

NFT Aquaponic System Overview A YouTuber had asked for blueprints of the NFT system. I don't have blueprints, but here is a quick run down of the different ...

Koi Pond Aquaponics & NFT Update

Tomatoes, Habaneros, and Jalapenos are doing well. NFT rails are producing nice lettuce, we've had salads several times off these plants. I gave away 6-7 of ...

Hydroponic NFT with Bucket System / Dutch Bucket

An update of my Harbor Freight greenhouse with Hydroponic deep water, NFT, and a dutch bucket-esq type of system. everything is home made, and on a trial ...

NFT-DWC Backyard Aquaponics System

This backyard aquaponics system is a combination of DWC and NFT built by us for a school project in Mayaro. It will be installed a in a bamboo greenhouse and ...

Aquaponics NFT


Aquaponic 4 in pvc nft

Meg deck system, message me if you want to know more.

Hydroponic nft / backyard aquaponics

This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

Seeding for the Aquaponics Systems

In this video, we show how we seed our net pots for our aquaponics systems and the end results.

Aquaponics Rebuild Planting Strawberries in Horizontal Grow Tubes

Planting Strawberries in net pots, to be placed in horizontal grow tubes--- making sure that the new plants get their feet wet! buy net cups here; ...

Vertical Aquaponics System use Bamboo Towers in Greenhouse to Increase Production 10x

John from gives you a tour of a vertical aquaponics farm that is using sustainable bamboo towers to maximize production in ...

NFT Hydroponics Basil Perpetual Grow Guide

We grow Genovese basil, Thai basil, Lettuce Leaf basil and Greek basil in an Aeroflow 18 hybrid NFT / Aeroponics hydroponics system using hydroton ...

Aquaponic Basement Garden May 15, 2011 NFT Aquaponics Update

Visit the blog at Update on the Aquaponic Basement Garden for May 15, 2011. There was a problem a ...

PlantDoctors Aquaponics System hybrid. Growbed.DWC.NFT

Aquaponics System..Moving Bed Bio Filter call 301-6768.

Hydroponics, Which system is better ?

In this video we explain the advantages and the disadvantages of the different systems we tested and the system we found to give the best results so far ...

Aquaponic & hydroponic seedlings, planting them out the easy way..

Here's a bit of a look at an easy way to plant out your seedlings in clay media for aquaponics & hydroponics.. Can be rather frustrating trying to dig a hole to plant ...

Why is NFT mostly used in hydroponic systems?

Most aquaponics growers don't use NFT. But why? Well, NFT - or nutrient film technique - delivers nutrients to plants in gutters via a thin film of water. That water ...

Using GrowGrips In Your Aquaponic or Hydroponic System

The GrowGrip is a great little device for holding plants in your deep water culture beds for hydroponic and aquaponic growing! ...

Aquaponic NFT strawberry

Aquaponic NFT strawberry. Will be updated when the strawberry are ripe. Enjoy.

Aquaponic nft radish

Aquaponic radish in nft 4 in pipe with 1.5 in planter pipe.

Build a Hydroponic Grow Wall Inside - Grow Plants Year Round and Save Money!

Learn how to build a hydroponic grow wall in todays video! We installed a Hydroponic Grow Wall inside our farm house this week! This grow wall is designed to ...

what is the best type of aquaponics system? | dwc, nft, flood and drain growbed

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FLooT NFT Hydroponics & aquaponics plant grow channel

FLooT is an affordable and easy plant growing system to grow food as an hydroponics or aquaponics system. Grow various greens in your home or office.

Hydroponics for beginners

Hydroponics for beginners - The easy way.

cleaning out the roof strawberries (nft) in the aquaponics

Cleaning the nft strawberry pipe in the aquaponics.

Herbs from Rolling Hills Greenhouse, West Union, Iowa

The Unruh family runs Rolling Hills Greenhouse in West Union and grows tasty Iowa herbs in a unique way. View more video from Iowa Public Television at our ...

Aquaponics - NFT setup in Texas

I no longer own this system. We moved to the country and the system stayed with the house. I hope the new owner is making good use of it :) This is a simple ...

March 2011 Aquaponic Basement Garden Construction ( NFT Aquaponics)

Visit my blog at Day 1 Aquaponic Basement Garden. NFT Aquaponics build.

Aquaponic project media bed & NFT A-frame hydroponic system

watch the design on my channel and enjoy :) contact me on : mail facebook : ...

Nutrient Film Technique NFT Aquaponics

Receive your welcoming gifts now here: 1. The magical 6 STEP process to Build Your Own Aquaponics setup!

Aquaponics vs Hydroponics

An introduction to the Aquaponic and Hydroponic systems I use to grow vegetables.

Homemade vertical (A-Frame) hydroponic system Facebook

By Greenerways ( This system sits on a 6'x10' foot print,holds 168 plants & can be easily moved or transported. I'm currently growing basil ...

How to , The Hydroponic NFT System.

This is a short overview of how we built our NFT (nutrient film technic) system. Don't forget to Like & Subscribe.

Aquaponics, NFT and Media Planting: From Seedlings to Veg

The seedlings have developed enough for transplating into the main systems, here we are testing the productivity of hydroponics media beds and NFT for ...

Vertical Farming: Horizontal Plane vs Vertical Plane Production

Vertical farming comes with unique costs, like weird labor & equipment costs. Read more: -- What do vertical farming costs look like in ...

Aquaponics Project Update - New NFT

Quick update about the system and a view of the new NFT for lettuce. Thanks for watching.

Best Crops for Hydroponics: Mint

Mint is one of the most popular crops for commercial hydroponic growers because it's always in high demand at restaurants, bars, and grocery stores. The mint ...

Aquaponics NFT system

A simple animation to show how the NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) system in aquaponics works.

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