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Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) Hydroponics System Tutorial

A simple overview of the Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) for hydroponics - one of the most popular ways of growing plants hydroponically. It's great for growing ...

Nft hydroponic system Trinidad

Growing pachoy plants gardening hydroponic trinidad.

How To Build a Gravity-Based PVC Aquaponic Garden Very Easily

This is a how-to-video showing how easy it was to build a gravity-based aquaponic system with pvc, and two fish tanks. We have fourteen spots for plants on ...

Chilli Farm - Aquaponics & Hydroponics - DIY NFT System Setup

FREE Fact sheet: We believe everyone should have great food. We believe that you can grow your own ...

Experimental NFT

NFT, Nutrient Film Technology. It has been used many many year, but to me it's quite new. I wonder is there possibilities grow tomato and cucumber at pipe with ...

New Lettuce System In The Greenhouse

I have been working closely with the good people from Spring Hill Farms in Ontario Canada and they have graciously helped me to create a hydroponics system ...

DIY NFT Ebb & Flow Growbed Combo Aquaponic system, Part 1

A few years ago, when I was new in China, I bought all veggies from the market because I like to support the locals and they were really cheap. Unfortunately ...

Aquaponics NFT


NFT Crop Turn Basics

NFT is the fastest,easiest way to grow hydroponic lettuce! This video shows how easy it is to move plants through an American Hydroponics NFT system.

NFT Aquaponic System Overview A YouTuber had asked for blueprints of the NFT system. I don't have blueprints, but here is a quick run down of the different ...

Hydropic Strawberry Wall w/Pondless Waterfall

A quick overview of my homemade hydroponic strawberry and pondless waterfall system.

Part 2: Initial setup of the NFT LTE & Transplanting seedlings into it

In this video we go over how to set up the NFT LTE system initially, and then how we transplant our new seedling into it.

Nutrient Film Technique NFT Aquaponics

Receive your welcoming gifts now here: 1. The magical 6 STEP process to Build Your Own Aquaponics setup!

Aquaculture, aquaponics, hydroponics projects in Trinidad by Aquatik Solutions

Samples of our various Aquaculture, Aquaponics and Hydroponics Projects done in Trinidad & Tobago. Contact us for further info and find out how you can get ...

Hydroponic Greenhouse Project, Indoor NFT Pac Choy and lettuce for winter eats!

I was going crazy with the thought of my greenhouse not running all winter so I put together a small nft set up in my basement. I just want to have something ...

Hydroponic NFT with Bucket System / Dutch Bucket

An update of my Harbor Freight greenhouse with Hydroponic deep water, NFT, and a dutch bucket-esq type of system. everything is home made, and on a trial ...

$40 PVC Starter NFT Aquaponics System

Design 160 Gallon Per Hour Pump ...

Overhead NFT System 2 in Passive Solar Aquaponic Greenhouse

Second in series showing details of the experimental overhead NFT system I'm working with. This one shows how to load plants into the pipes, tells the hole ...

Aquaponic nft system

aquaponics nft pipe system 4 in pipe tomatoes, cucumbers, and other vegetables. Koi fish in 650 gal.

Hydroponic NFT Garden

A quick explanation of my Hydroponic Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) Garden.

Part 2 - Propagation Table - Basement Hydroponic LED Garden Tour

A detailed walk through of the propagation/seedling table in the basement hydroponic garden. Get our LED Grow Light Engines for your DIY LED light build: ...

DIY Hydroponics for $300. 70 Plants. Indoors/Outdoors. NFT. 7 x 10.

Hydroponics for the home. The basics of how to build a DIY 70 plant hydroponics unit from scratch in one day. Total cost was under $300. Supplies food all year.

Vertical Linear Aquaponics 3.0 -Short

Vertical Linear Aquaponics, is the process of high density food production, utilizing all three planes, Length, Width, and Height....while streamlining planting and ...

How to , The Hydroponic NFT System.

This is a short overview of how we built our NFT (nutrient film technic) system. Don't forget to Like & Subscribe.

NFT Aquaponic, DWC Systems

Little update on the plants.

Hydroponic nft / backyard aquaponics

This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

PVC Feed Lines for Hydroponics, NFT, Dutch Bucket Systems

Easiest and most efficient method for using 1/2" PVC to feed your hydroponic system. No more punching holes and leakage using flexible garden line.


Troy shows his new NFT (nutrient film technique) system... and another weigh in for his Jade Perch... 218g :) Music by:

Hydroponics: Introduction & 2" NFT check-in

IAF defines hydroponics -- half of the Aquaponics equation -- and checks in on the 2" PVC NFT system introduced a few months back in this video: ...

Koi Pond Aquaponics & NFT Update

Tomatoes, Habaneros, and Jalapenos are doing well. NFT rails are producing nice lettuce, we've had salads several times off these plants. I gave away 6-7 of ...

NFT Hydroponics Basil Perpetual Grow Guide

We grow Genovese basil, Thai basil, Lettuce Leaf basil and Greek basil in an Aeroflow 18 hybrid NFT / Aeroponics hydroponics system using hydroton ...

aquaponic vertical nft strawberries

aquaponic hydroponic vertical nft strawberries.

March 26 2011 Aquaponic Basement Garden ( NFT Aquaponics Update )

Visit my blog Last update before fish are added. I will let the system cycle a while after I get the fish before ...

DIY Basement Aquaponics Fish (Hydroponics) NFT Update and how to.

This is the newest vid. of my system up and running.

Overhead NFT System 1 in Passive Solar Aquaponic Greenhouse

First installment introducing a new, overhead, Nutrient Film Technology (NFT) system for growing lettuce and other produce using low cost construction materials ...

Homemade vertical (A-Frame) hydroponic system Facebook

By Greenerways ( This system sits on a 6'x10' foot print,holds 168 plants & can be easily moved or transported. I'm currently growing basil ...

Hydroponics Garden Vegetables (PVC) with Solar Powered Automatic Watering System

Home & Garden It is a fully automatic fill (flood) and drain ...

home made DIY DFT / NFT PVC Hydroponic System

This PVC hydroponic system only takes up a bit of room on my workbench, it's very small. It uses two 4 ft fluorescent lights which are energy efficient and do not ...

FLooT NFT Hydroponics & aquaponics plant grow channel

FLooT is an affordable and easy plant growing system to grow food as an hydroponics or aquaponics system. Grow various greens in your home or office.

cleaning out the roof strawberries (nft) in the aquaponics

Cleaning the nft strawberry pipe in the aquaponics.

vertical nft aquaponic system

build of a vertical nft aquaponic system.

Aquaponic NFT strawberry

Aquaponic NFT strawberry. Will be updated when the strawberry are ripe. Enjoy.

March 2011 Aquaponic Basement Garden Construction ( NFT Aquaponics)

Visit my blog at Day 1 Aquaponic Basement Garden. NFT Aquaponics build.

My PVC pipe hydroponic garden explained

we will look at the pros and cons of the system.

Hydroponics Definition & How It Works - Kratky, NFT and others explained

Join Urban Leaf's Dr Rob for this hydroponics 101, in which we cover basic plant biology, how hydroponics works, and the seven main types of hydroponics ...

Tour of the Myaquaponics commercial Aquaponics System - Johannesburg South Africa

This is a quick tour through the Myaquaponics Commercial System. It starts in the fish tunnel, then moves on to the plant tunnel. You get to see our commercial ...

NFT tomatoes getting the roots out of the tube, and a quick look at the salmon spawning!

It was time to get ride of the San Marzano #2's in the NFT system. They overflowed the tubes for the last time. you won't believe the roots, Yikes! also a quick look ...

Aquaponic NFT greenhouse addition

Here is my first run with an NFT system. It is connected to my main system. Just finished it 2hrs ago. Very simple but effective.

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