Basics Peeponics

Peeponics Basics

Peeponics is the practice of growing your plants using filtered and watered down urine.

Peeponics is the practice of growing your plants using filtered and watered down urine.

Plants require oxygen, light, and nutrients to grow. The nitrates in the nutrients are used by plants to grow. For peeponics, the nitrates (urea, creatine, and ammonia) in filtered urine are used.

Human urine contains nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous. There is enough nutrients in one human’s urine to fertilize a garden of plants for one person.

Most human urine is sterile unless it comes from a person who is taking medication or has a urinary tract infection. Just don’t let any poop get into it, since it contains dangerous bacteria. (Poop needs to be composted before you can use it to grow plants)


Some peeponics farmers will store the urine in a container for about 6 months just to make sure any contamination or pathogens are gone before using it in their gardens.

Plants that usually do well with peeponics are ones that require lots of nitrogen. Those would be any fruit-bearing plant such as tomatoes and cucumbers.


Since human urine contains a lot of nitrogen and salt, it’s recommended that it gets diluted (watered down) before use in a garden.

A general rule of thumb is one part urine, and 8 parts water.

If using pure urine, it’ll need to be combined with a material rich in carbon that can help the plants better absorb the nutrients. This carbon, such as soil, leaves, cardboard, or straw, will help to convert the nitrates into nitrites which become beneficial for plants.


Not too many commercial operations around the world utilize urine in their systems. For one, it could affect how their customers feel about their produce.

Like all things, be conservative with your urine in your garden, too much of a good thing can sometimes be bad.

Yes, your lawn can turn yellow where your dog pees. Yes, it can smell pretty bad if you over do it.

As always, test with a small plant before you go around peeing on everything. 🙂

Photo: Unsplash